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[Guide to Runic Weapons]


    This page serves as a showcase for the different weapons I have created for D&D. For each Weapon, I give a description, game stats, and any sketch/illustration I may have. I also have included a page that gives rules and guidelines for creating Runic Weapons.

The legendary blade Narwath is a well-crafted bastard sword of a black metal called galvorn that is rumoured to have fallen from the sky. Although it came from a Dwarven armoury, the Dwarves did not make it. Its true origins are a mystery. The only hint to the enigmatic craftsman is a strange seal on the crosshilts of an open hand with an eye in the middle of its palm. The blade itself appears as a gray flame when used in combat (hence its name).

Description: A black hued bastard sword with runic characters of battle and slaughter scribed along the length of the blade. Narwath delights in battle and combat. It will typically alert its wielder of a potential for a fight and will plead incessantly with him/her to draw and blood it (Will ST DC: 15 without the bonus provided by the weapon). Narwath communicates through limited telepathy and shares a telepathic link with Elwythe. Narwath is totally indestructible.
Weapon: Runic Bastard Sword Alignment: considered Chaotic Evil
Cost: Not available for sale Deity: Erythnul
Damage: 1d10+2 Domains: Battle and Shadow
Critical: 19-20/x2 INT: 17
Range Increment: N/A WIS: 17
Weight: 10lbs. Masterwork: +1 attack
Type: Slashing
Size: Medium (Hand-and-a-half)
Group: Exotic

Granted Special Abilities:
+1 to All Saving Throws
See the Invisible
    Blind Fighting
    Darkvision (60ft.)
Combat Reflexes
Improved Initiative (+4)
Characters of Neutral Alignments will tend to perform Evil deeds, they will be quicker to engage in battle than normal, and will seldom leave a fight while an enemy still lives. Characters of Good Alignments who touch Narwath suffer 1d4 points of damage.

Note: Narwath (from the Sindarin "nar wath", literally "flame shadow") was designed by me, in conjuction with my DM, for my first Dungeons & Dragons character (AD&D). The character, Elwythe Stormclaw, was designed as an average human hero with no remarkable abilities other than this sword which had once belonged to his father. As such, the sword and character were balanced within the context of the game and added a great dimension to my DM's campaign plot.