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Runic Weapons in Dungeons & Dragons

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All Runic Weapons have the following features:
  • Independent personality, with an average to high INT and WIS (some are imbued with a high CHA as well)
  • Communicate through limited telepathy
  • Are totally indestructible, the blades never dull or dent.
  • Made of black, dark gray, blue-gray, or dark red metal and lined with runes from tip to handle
  • Do Normal damage for the type of weapon +2 (eg. Runic short sword would do 1d6+2)
  • Link themselves to their wielder/owner within six months of constant contact. Thus, both man and weapon can sense each otherís presence within a four mile radius if separated.
  • Adds +1 to All Saving Throws
  • Can only be used by a character of a particular alignment (good or evil; neutral characters can use either). Persons not of a compatible alignment take 1d4 points of damage every time they touch the weapon.
  • In considered a Masterwork weapon.
  • Can contain NO moving parts.
Greater Rune Weapons posses all the above features as well as up to five (5) special abilities dealing with their related domains (eg. Elemental Fire, Holy Light, Battle, etc.)

The Soul Drinker:
The Soul Drinker is a special Rune weapon (typically a blade weapon). If a victimís blood is spilled (ie. on a crtical hit or any strike that drops the victim below 0 WPs) they must make a successful Fortitude ST of 14+ or have their life essence absorbed into the weapon. A successful save means that the hit is treated as a normal critical strike.