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    This page serves as a showcase for the original Feats that I have developed for my Star Wars games. For each Feat, I Include a description and game data.

You are a master of the art of Quickdraw. Your unique style of drawing your blaster (lifting the muzzle just out of the holster) gives you an edge over your opponents.
Prerequisites: Improved Initiative, Quickdraw, Blasterslinger, Dex 15+, Sleight of Hand 5 ranks, Sense Motive 3 ranks.
Benefit: As a full attack action you may gain an additional +2 on initiative rolls if you begin combat with a holstered blaster and no other weapon in your hand. You may only make one standard attack this round, although you may still gain additional attacks from Blasterslinger (effectively giving you 2 attacks in that round, no more). After the first round, you may take your normal number of attacks.
Special: Can only be used with a blaster pistol, hold-out blaster, or heavy blaster. You do not gain this bonus after a surprise round.

You are so skilled with ranged weapons that you can make seemingly impossible shots.
Prerequisites: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Wis 13+, BAB +8
Benefit: As a full-round action, you may make a "trickshot" using either a blaster weapon or slugthrower.

Trickshot (DC; results if successful)*:
Ricochet Shot (DC 15; ignore cover bonus, 1 attack): You can "bounce" a single shot off a surface to strike an adjacent target. This shot can be used to strike an opponent behind cover.
Over-the-Shoulder (DC 12; ignore concealment penalty to hit any target behind you, 1 attack): You can shoot accurately over your shoulder without having to see your target.
Spray-and-Pray (DC 12; ignore conealment bonus to targets when shooting blindly around corners, full attack): You can shoot accurately around corners without needing to see your targets. This keeps you in full cover while attacking.
Thread the Needle (DC 15; gain +4 competence bonus on attack roll, 1 attack): You become deadly accurate if you take the time to carefully aim your shot.
* All Trickshots require a Wisdom check to see if an attempt can be made. This is followed by a standard attack roll with all applicable bonuses and penalties.

The martial arts style developed by the Nietzscheans, uberkampfen focuses on using the Nietchzscheans’ armblades effectively in combat. The style consists mostly of quick forearm strikes, though it also incorporates kicks, punches, throws, and holds.

Prerequisites: Martial Arts, Nietzscheans only.
Benefit: While fighting unarmed, you may choose to make an additional attack with your armblades. This causes all attacks this round to suffer a –2 penalty to attack rolls.

Uberkampfen Expertise
Your knowledge of the uberkampfen style allows you to attack with your armblades while performing throws.
Prerequisites: Improved Martial Arts, Martial Arts, Uberkampfen, Nietzscheans only.
Benefit: If you make a successful trip attack you may make an immediate attack with your armblades against the prone target.

Uberkampfen Mastery
Your mastery of the uberkampfen style allows you to make precise attacks with your armblades.
Prerequisites: Advanced Martial Arts, Improved Martial Arts, Martial Arts, Uberkampfen, Uberkampfen Expertise., Nietzscheans only.
Benefit: If you make an attack with your armblades and it inflicts wound damage, you may choose to forgo the normal damage to deliver a wound that won’t stop bleeding. Each wound caused in this manner saps an extra 1 point of wound damage per round from the victim until the victim receives the benefit of a DC 15 Treat Injury check or any Force healing.