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Heroic Qualities

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    This page serves as a showcase for the original Heroic Qualities that I have developed for my Star Wars games. For each Quality, I include a description and game data.

After coming into contact with the core energy of the Valley of the Jedi, or any nexus of Force energy, the character is infused with the power of the Force. A person who has absorbed the power of the nexus directly is stronger in the Force than he normally would be, displaying control beyond his training.

Prerequisites: Character must be Force-Sensitve and have located a nexus of Force energy (ie. the Valley of the Jedi on Ruusan, the Temple of Exar Kun on Yavin, etc.). Locating a nexus requires a See Force check (DC 10) to judge the level of ambient Force energy (character must be within the general vicinity to locate nexus).

Manifestation: Whenever the character draws upon the Force, he becomes overwhelmed by its sheer power, losing himself in its flow. The character also becomes aware of the consciousness of hundreds of fallen Jedi and Sith who form the source of his power. These fallen warriors call to him, seeking to guide his actions (in the case of the Jedi) or unleash his anger (in the case of the Sith).

Bonuses: The character has access to all Force skills (provided they have the required feat) even if they cannot be used untrained. He also gains a one time bonus of 12 skill points, to be used on Force skills, immediately upon becoming infused. Finally, the character's maximum ranks for Force skills increases to Force-user level + 3 + Wis mod (disregard if character has a negative Wis mod).

Drawbacks: The character must make a Will save (DC 12) anytime he spends a Force point. If he fails, he draws upon the Dark Side, gaining a Dark Side Point.

You feel most at home when strapped in a vehicle and travelling at high speeds. You instincively know the limits of any repuslor or space craft you pilot and are able to push the envelope. This allows you to easily perform stunts at velocities that would intimidate others.

Manifestations: When piloting any repulsor craft (air speeders, landspeeders, speeder bikes, etc.) or small space craft (starfighters and space transports) you are filled with a sense of calm, as if nothing can touch you. Your mind naturally processes information faster and is capable of the split-second decision making required for high-speed maneuvers. However, when forced to deal with more "mundane" tasks, your mind has a tendecy to wander, making concentration difficult.

Bonuses: While piloting repulsor craft or space craft, you may take 10 on any Pilot checks, even if you normally wouldn't be able to do so.

Secret Bonuses: The character is considered to be travelling at one speed category slower than his actual speed for the purposes of piloting checks and attack rolls, though he still retains the bonus to defense that his true speed would normally grant.

Drawbacks: You find concentrating on "mundane" tasks difficult. You suffer a -4 penalty on all skills that require concentrating on meticulous details (eg. Disable Device, Escape Artist, Demolition, etc.)

You excel in all things mechanical. From an early age, you would take things apart just to see how they worked, and were then able to reassemble them and improve their functioning. Despite your mastery over the technological, or perhaps because of it, you become anxious when dealing with living beings.

Manifestation: You have an intense curiosity for mechanical devices and intuitively know how they work. You have a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together. You are even able to build things from scratch (provided you have the materials required) based on your memory alone (you must have disassembled and reassembled a similar device previously). However, you are inept when it comes to dealing with living beings, often becoming anxious and tongue-tied.

Bonuses: You gain Disable Device and Repair as bonus class skills and Kit-Bashing as a bonus feat at first level (even if you don't meet the prerequisites). Also, after first dismantelling then reassembling a mechanical device, you are considered to have 4 ranks in the coresponding Craft skill if you later try to build a silimar device (this also applies to the Kit-Bashing requirement of needing the specific Craft skill).

Secret Bonuses: The character gains a +2 competence bonus on all Repair checks and Disable Device checks made on mechanical devices.

Drawbacks: You suffer a -4 penalty on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks when dealing with living beings.