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TIE Fighter

    Welcome to Narwath's TIE Database. This collection of TIE variants is the fruition of a project begun in 1996. Back then, I was regularly playing the old Decipher Star Wars Collectable Card Game (CCG) and buying Booster Packs with some frequency. It was at this time I came across the TIE Avenger for the first time. Within the CCG I also found cards of the TIE Scout and Vanguard. I was fascinated by these new TIEs; I was amazed that there was an aspect of the Star Wars Universe that I didn't know about. So I took it upon myself to set up a database of all TIE variants.
    My first database was forgotten about a year later and has been collecting dust ever since. Now, with the advent of a new Star Wars RPG, it seems right that I add to the initial list. For about a month, I search through every source I could get my hands on for new TIE variants. As it stands, I a little over fifty TIEs in the database but I am not going to claim that I have them all.
    In the description for each TIE, I have included a write up, a picture, the actual SW Universe craft specifications, and game stats. I have left out the game stats for the Bomber, Fighter, Interceptor, Scout, and the Scimitar Assault Bomber since they can be found in Official RPG publications. The Advanced x1 and Defender can also be found in such sources, but the stats presented are my own versions. I have found that some of the ship dimensions presented in the RPG material disagreed with established SW Universe dimensions and have used the establised dimensions in such instances. I would also like to note that the TIE Nemesis is not an official variant, nor are the L-s2.1 point laser cannon, the L-s3.2 light laser cannon, and the L-s5.6 heavy double laser cannons official starship weapons (they were created as a way to explain different weapon damages).



    Since TIEs are infinitely customizable I have decided to include a listing of all typical weapons used on various TIE models and the game stats that I used with them so that others may develop their own TIE variant. No unique or modified weapons have been included and all damages are given for a single weapon, not fire-linked weapons.
Type Dammage Special
Laser Cannons:
SFS L-s1 Laser Cannon 4d10x2 -
SFS L-s2.1 Point Laser Cannon 2d10x2 -
SFS L-s3.2 Light Laser Cannon 3d10x2 -
SFS L-s4 Heavy Laser Cannon 5d10x2 -
SFS L-s5.6 Heavy Double Laser Cannon 6d10x2 -
SFS L-s7.2 Advanced Heavy Laser Cannon 5d10x2 +2 bonus to fire control system
SFS L-s9.3 Advanced Laser Cannon 4d10x2 +2 bonus to fire control system
Ion Cannons:
Borstel NK-2 Light Ion Cannon 3d10x2 Ionization Damage
Borstel NK-3 Medium Ion Cannon 4d10x2 Ionization Damage

Warhead Launchers:
Type Concussion Missile Payload Heavy Concussion Missile Payload Proton Torpedo Payload Proton Bomb Payload
SFS M-s3 Concussion Missile Launcher 12 10 - -
SFS T-s5 Proton Torpedo Tube - - 8 -
SFS B-s1 Proton Bomb Launcher - - - 4
SFS M-g-2 General-Purpose Warhead Launcher 6 4 3 1

Flight Systems:
    For the same reasons I listed above for weapons, I am also listing the typical flight systems for various TIE models. I am including power system, propulsion system, flight control system, and navigation system and which craft they are found on.
System Generation Example Craft
Power System:
SFS I-a2b Solar Ionization Reactor 1 & 2 Fighter, Bomber
SFS I-s3a Solar Ionization Reactor 3 & 4 Advanced x1, Interceptor, Avenger
SFS I-s4d Solar Ionization Reactor 4 Defender
Propulsion System:
SFS P-s4 Twin Ion Engines 1 & 2 Fighter, Bomber
SFS P-s5.6 Twin Ion Engines 3 Advanced x1, Interceptor
SFS P-sx7.4 Twin Ion Engines 4 Avenger
SFS P-sz9.7 Twin Ion Engines 4 Defender
Flight Control System:
SFS F-s3.2 Flight Avionics System 1 & 2 Fighter, Bomber
SFS F-s4 Flight Avionics System 3 Advanced x1, Interceptor
SFS F-s5x Flight Avionics System 4 Avenger, Defender
Navigation System:
SFS N-s4 Navcon Computer System 2 Bomber
SFS N-s6 Navcon Computer System 1, 3 & 4 Fighter, Advanced x1, Interceptor, Avenger, Defender


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